A leap of faith

Opening a magazine some years ago I saw an enigmatic picture, of a 15th century parachute floating over a boundless landscape. There was a hush over the page – a sense of something outside of time.

The text described how an English skydiver (Adrian Nicholas) had taken Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of a parachute, had the design made using the materials of Leonardo’s day, and taken a leap of faith. Would it fly? In the photo he was successfully suspended 3 000 metres above the Mpumalanga hills in a wood and linen contraption. The parachute looked mystical, other-worldly, yet quaintly solid in the sky.

The memory of it came up today. The sense of correspondence: feeling both behind and ahead of time, a sense of wonder, trepidation, and not knowing.

It is like that now – the leap of faith. Seemingly against the odds.

Will I fly? Will we fly?

‘From this day forward, only the path of Trust is real’ ~ Our Lady of Woodstock

Julia Casciola ©