A new safety

Throughout my life it has felt as though there has been a protective casing holding me in. Keeping me ‘safe’ but compressed, my soul confined, my voice silenced.

And all the while over years, the perfume of the Great Mother has grown slowly deeper and more compelling.

In a strange and beautiful paradox, I feel myself in a new safety that seems to include what I once most feared, as if the fears have finally softened enough to reveal their heart.

In this safety I sense how my inner navigation is trustworthy; allowing myself to be seen and received is a relief and a gift; surrendering to emergence and improvisation energises me; allowing my vulnerability is strengthening; and how the vibration of the Great Mother is my guide.

The old support has been subsumed into a deeper safety.

This is a personal story, and yet I feel it is also the story of the collective, where the controls and forms of patriarchy are dissolving. Having served their purpose and given their structure and gifts, the old ways based on separation, regulation, and effort are being subsumed. We are opening into a communion of all life on earth, into direct knowing (gnosis), and the creative mystery that emerges through the space between us rather than as individuals alone.

Julia Casciola ©