To Mother Earth

At this time the world has gone into fear around the corona virus, yet I feel Your presence at the heart of it, even in the name corona (crown), for you are Queen of life, death, and re-birth.

I think of my human mother who gave me life. The blanket I am sitting on was a gift from her. She stitched the floral trim lovingly by hand, one of the last things she made for me before she could no longer sew. The blanket is worn from years of use and comfort.

The story of her blanket feels to me rather like the story with You who have given us life ceaselessly and generously. It has me wonder what is being gifted to us and asked of us through corona. It has me listen for your answers.

Thus I have come to this garden on the mountainside to be with you. Birds sing with abandon in the Cape holly tree. I hear You say, ‘Come closer’. So I lay aside the book I am reading and lie down on the soft worn blanket, with my ear and heart against you.

Julia Casciola ©