Praying with birds

Tonight you make a sound I have never heard before, ethereal, thrilling, drawing me from the cave of my mind into clear air. Come fly with us… come!

In this late evening between worlds, you skim water on the wing, swooping, soaring. Oh how I remember joy through you… how I remember! Your overflow calls forth mine and I feel the impulse to give back in words what you give in song – pouring back and forth, one to the other, joy upon joy, song upon song, flight upon flight.

You lift me from convoluted concerns into hosannah, now here now gone, and I in wonder, spellbound by your lightness, filled with simplicity, a fountain of yes.

Your notes flow clean through me, sounding my heart, soliciting this slow human into the communion of prayer, the eucharist of this moment. My cup of joy is full, brimming, you sip from it in a flash. Joy begets joy begets joy. Bless you for your visitation, your invitation, your illumination of prayer.

Julia Casciola ©