Rebirth of the written word

The window before my desk is filled with trees, winter dry against deep blue sky. I feel a rebirth within language. A wind blowing, breathing words open on a new octave.

So many words have lost their meaning and become empty. Freedom, grace, trust…. Nor do we have a story big enough to inspire us towards the future. We have an overload of information, and a social media of memes.

In the past, as an academic editor I would have been editing for language, content, style and sequencing. It was a job well done, yet not a love. 

Today I feel called to help bring forth the distillation of your message; the clear soul voice in your writing; simplicity (on the other side of complexity); high-vibration language; coherence and flow.

I am editing for transmission – for what life wants to say through you. And listening for your soul’s story budding and bursting through your words.

Julia Casciola ©