The inside of a rose

I am feeling uninspired.

Yet, in the moment of turning towards the dryness it becomes a small clear spring. My soul says, ‘this is true’.

There is honesty, patience and listening here. But they are not the essential gift.

My soul says, ‘Come closer. I am in what is here, even when it seems dull, barren and closed. Ever in the present is my perfume. Come closer.’

In this moment of remembering I sink into the soul’s presence. She who is complete as the inside of a rose, ordinary as my hands typing, sure as my heart at rest.

I have exhaled perfume like cinnamon and acacia, I have breathed out a scent like choice myrrh. Inheriting me is sweeter than honeycomb. They who eat me will hunger for more. [Sophia Wisdom]

Julia Casciola ©