Outrageous love letters

There is a long lineage of ecstatic love writing, such as found in the Song of Songs and the poems of Rumi and Mirabai. Yet it can take only a few minutes, as described here: https://centerforintegralwisdom.org/outrageous-love-letters/.

“While ordinary love is an emotion, a reaction, and even a strategy of the ego, it is Outrageous Love that moves the entire process of evolution.” Write to anyone or anything, and let your heart be blown open. “Write so that through your words the person can find their own infinite beauty, infinite depth, and infinite worth.”

Here are two love letters written in the moment:

To a stranger after a conversation that parted the veil

In the deepening dark your lamp-lit face, energised, potentised, and the alchemy of my silver dreaming and your bright gold rockets a hallelujah into the twilight that is our communion, our ecstasis and joy.

To menopause

Madonna of the Void! You desert bloom in a halo of lightning flashes, you orchid with stripes, you supernova of stars! Where did you come from, where did you go, in your red velvet gown on this summer’s night?

Julia Casciola ©